Friday, January 15, 2010

Scott Westerfeld Leviathan

I have to wait to read the rest? Leviathan end with you wanting more and a bunch of questions that were not even answered!

Leviathan is the past but a different past than we remember. It is at the start of a war Darwinist vs Clankers or how we remembered it WWI. It is about Alek and Deryn both on different sides of the war. Alek is a clanker and and Deryn is a Darwinist. Both of them are hiding there identity. Alek is hiding that he is of noble blood and Deryn is hiding that she is a girl.

Deryn is on the Leviathan posing as a boy because girls are not allowed to fly on the Leviathan. Alek is running away from his life after his parents were murdered. And their paths cross when Alek witnesses the Leviathan crash landing close to his hideout. Desperate to help them, Alek runs right into Deryn!

It is a great book, I really enjoyed reading it. Deryn and Alek are so different. I like the way Deryn speaks with her slang. And Alek take Deryns word posh! I didn't want the book to end and there were so many questions I wanted to know like. Will anyone find out Deryn is a girl? Will Alek be able to escape? And what are in those darn eggs? I can't wait till the next one comes out Behemoth in I guess October :(

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