Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Reread of Wither by Lauren Destefano

Just getting ready for Fever the second book of The Chemical Garden Trilogy.

Here is my review of Wither from last year:
In a world where the females live to the age of 20 and males the age of 25 life is dangerous. Especially for young females where there next turn on a street could lead to a group of gatherers ready to kidnap and either murder, sell them into prostitution, or make them a bride. Rhine has just been kidnapped and now she is to become one of Linden Ashby's wives.

At a glance, the estate that Rhine has been sold to as a wife seem safe, maybe even better than the outside world. One of the other wives, Cecily, was an orphan and the outcome of being married off is way better than where is was. The wives get whatever they ask for and are treated as good as can be expected being locked inside of a mansion...but if you dig deeper you will see it isn't exactly as it seems to be. All Rhine wants is to escape back to her old life back with her twin brother, but if she isn't careful she could become one of housemaster Vaughns science projects.

I have been reading so many books lately of the main characters that fall in love in a day and will then do anything for this person. This book is not like that, and I find it refreshing. The love story is subtly taking form in this book and doesn't even really reach a solid form even at the end of the book. I like that, it seems more realistic in a way. And, it gives you more to look forward to in the next book of the trilogy.

Another thing wonderful about this book is each character is completely different and have unique personalities that are described well. You really get a sense of who Rhine, Jenna and Cecily are. All three completely different from each other. As well as the other characters, each shine in their own way. I am looking forward to the next one!

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