Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Touch of Power by Maria V Snyder

I have read all of Maria V. Snyder books, so when I heard she had another series coming out I instantly wanted to read it. If you have read her Study Series and Glass Series this one has the same kind of feel to it. It is a completely new world but there is still Magic involved.

The book starts off with action right away. Avry has been on the run for three years. Being a Healer is like being a criminal after the plague ran rampant and healers were accused of starting the plague. But, Avry has a soft spot for children, and when she heals a sick child, the parents report her to the authorities and unable to escape them this time she is imprisoned. But she isn't there for long. Being the only healer left makes Arvy a very high commodity.

Great story, lots of action. I must say though some of the characters do remind me of the characters in the Study series and the storyline does follow a bit like Poison Study especially the romance I believe. Avry is a lot like Yelena and Kerrick is a lot like Valek. And even Loren and Quain are a lot like Janco and Ari. But the story still has it's unique spots and unique aspects like the death and peace lily.

Even though it is 400 pages it is a very easy read and I had a hard time putting it down. I loved the characters. I loved Belen who is nicknamed Poppa bear. Every character has their own personalities and also hardships. With a plague, everyone has lost someone and you really get to feel for them. Sometimes I knew what was coming, other times I was surprised.

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