Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

This is a very different look at Cinderella then movie I used to watch as a kid. Much darker tale with plague, Cyborgs, Androids and people living on the moon called lunars. Cinderella, or in this book Cinder is 36.28% not human, she is a cyborg. A second class citizen in the town of New Beijing. Cyborgs are not treated like humans, and in a time of plague, cyborgs are drafted into being guinea pigs for the plague cure. Since they already been given a second chance at life by scientist therefore they owe their existence to those who created them. Something like this happens to Cinder!

But, not to get too in depth into this great book. Cinder must make the money for her stepmother and stepsisters by being a mechanic. And, she is good at it too, the best in New Beijing in fact. But things start to take a turn when the plague enters into her personal life.

Of course, just like the regular fairy tale, there is a prince. And, a somewhat sort of fairy godmother. I see the doctor as Cinders fairy godmother. Instead of her mice to talk to she has Iko the Android. There is also the Stepmother, and two stepsisters. There isn't a glass slipper, but there is a pesky foot!

Really great story with really great characters. Even the Androids have bundles of personality that just oozes from the story. Cinder's android Iko reminds me of Rosey from the Jetsons with her funny personality. Although, the twist in the book can be seen miles away, the storyline itself is so unique that it makes up for it.

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