Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pure by Julianna Baggott

Nine years ago, bombs hit the earth, in an event called The Detonation. These bombs disrupted molecular structures with nanotechnology to help speed up the recovery of the earth after the blast. But it also sped up DNA and excelled at self assembly of the cells, fusing them. After the detonation people found themselves fused to the earth, to each others, fused to inanimate objects like baby doll heads, glass, wires and metal. And some even fused to birds, their children, any thing they were close to when the bombs detonated. This is what the future looks like in this book.

The author is very descriptive with her unique world she has portrayed. It is a dark world where everyone has some sort of blemish. Whether it is a fused part, scars or burns they are the wretches that live outside the dome. The dome is the only place that people were able to escape the Detonation, they live without scars or burns they are considered Pure to the outside wretches. But just because they are pure doesn't mean every thing is perfect in the dome.

The book mainly center around two teenagers, Pressia and Partridge. Pressia only knows the days after the Detonation she can barely remember her life before it, she has a baby doll fused to her hand and scars and burns on her face. Partridge was lucky enough to be in the dome when the detonations hit. He has lived nine years there, but when his dad gives him clues that his mom might still be alive outside the dome, he finds himself wanting to go out there to find her.

There is so much description, and twist and turns. I could barely take my eyes off this book. It is so good. Each character has to endure some sort of hardship throughout the book. Life is not easy for these characters. There is so much going on and stories that intertwine with one another. According to the Acknowledgments, the author took a lot of time to research nanotechnology, medicine, communications and even effects of the atomic bombs that dropped on Hiroshima. So it makes the book that much more realistic and heart jerking at parts. I recommend this read to anyone. If you liked Hunger games, or even Uglies you will probably like this book.

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