Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Magicians by Lev Grossman

I like books with a lot of dialogue, it is what keeps me really into the book. But, The Magicians didn't have as much dialogue as it did of paragraphs and paragraphs of descriptions. Everyones reading habits are different, I like a lot of dialogue and adventure and this book didn't have as much as I wanted to keep me entertained. A lot of the descriptive text is very depressing, how unhappy the main character Quentin is. Whatever he faces, whether it is Brooklyn, Brakebills, Fillory or a long tern relationship, nothing ever makes him happy and it is described over and over again in the novel making it quite depressing.

Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of good parts in the book. It does get to some really good dialogues and adventure. Not that there is any really big twist in the book but things that get mentioned at the beginning of the book do get concluded or referenced at the end of the book. Like Quentins Discipline. I wanted to know what it was, why he was never given one, but in a way at the end of the book it is reference which helped tie up that loose end for me.

I have read other reviews that it is an adult Harry Potter, but I don't really get a Harry Potter vibe to it. Yes, they do magic in the book but it is very different then Harry Potter. I find it more closely related to an adult version of the Narnia books. And even a little twist of Alice in Wonderland. Seeing that they are going to do a TV series based on this book for Fall 2012, I can't wait how they will portray the book. If they will portray it more in a Harry Potter aspect since that is want the audience seems to want. But I am very curious as to what the TV series will show and can't wait for it to air on Fox.

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