Monday, March 5, 2012

Fever by Lauren Destefano

Rhine went from one nightmare to another. From being a wife in the book Wither, to the life in the scarlet district in the hands of crazy Madame and on the run from Housemaster Vaughn in this book. This book is much more dark than the first. The first one hints at the darkness but is hidden by the luxuries of the mansion. This one, it is up close and personal.

I think I like Wither better than this one. Wither had much more detail and a lot of interesting things that went on. In Fever, Rhine is in and out of consciousness a lot and you really don't get as much detail. You do get to learn a little bit more about Rhine's past in this one. Also, things that were left unanswered in the first book are answered in this book, like some of the things that happened to Jenna that she wouldn't tell Rhine. You also get to know Gabriel more in this book.

There are new characters and new locations. Instead of being in a mansion the entire time, Rhine is on the run and goes from a Scarlet district carnival, and a couple other places. Each place you get to see Gabriel a little differently.

The book ends making you want more, you want to know what is the next step in Rhines life. What is going to happen to her. Is she going to have a happy ending? She certainly doesn't have it in this one but I have a feeling she will get it in the next book!

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