Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Paranormalcy, Kiersten White

Evie wants to be a normal teen, but the fact is, she isn't. She can see through glamours. Making her a high commodity. Since she was young she went on "bag and tag" missions for the IPCA. Spotting vampires, werewolves, hags and other paranormal creatures that others couldn't spot with the naked eye. But Evie can see right though their glamour to the paranormal inside. This is normal life for Evie until one day the alarms go off and Evie finds a paranormal wearing her bosses body then everything changes from there!

Evie might be a little too conceited and pink for me but overall I like her. She is different than most teenage heroines I read about. She actually acts her age, like a 16 year old instead of older. She isn't always running into the face of danger, sometimes she runs the other way. She craves the things she doesn't have: a family, drivers license, locker at a high school, being normal. She doesn't always want to know about everything either. When the chance comes for her to empty everything off her plate she takes it. She doesn't want all that responsibility she wants to be a teenager. It is kind of refreshing to read because a lot of other heroines would want to know everything, be involved in everything and run straight into danger with a smile. But I am tired of that character. Evie wasn't that. Evie was refreshingly honest, and funny.

I like how Evie compares everything to her tv show. Because that is the closest she has to gauge what a normal life is like, by watching Easton Heights. Reality doesn't always end the same for her as it does in tv show though. Things happen more normally and not overly dramatized.

There is a point when she has the chance to sleep with the guy and she doesn't. She doesn't sleep with a guy the first chance she gets like in for instants in books Twilight, or Shiver. The book is well rounded and is great for teenagers. It is funny, action pack, and entertaining to name a few, without using profanities, sex, or an annoy heroine that must save the day and be in everyone's face. I would recommend this book to any teenager.

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