Friday, September 17, 2010

Clockwork angel

This book is a lot like the books before it in the Mortal Instrument series. Instead of Clary, Jace and Simon it is now Tessa, Will and Jem. And, instead of Clary looking for her missing mother it is Tessa looking for her missing brother. Even though there are a lot of similarities there are also difference. New characters, and every character has such a unique personality that it is drawn out of the book and makes them so real. I love the personalities that is given to each character, it truly brings them to life to me.

Tessa lives in New York with her Aunt, but when her Aunt dies she receives a letter from her brother Nathaniel with a ticket to London to come and live with him. But, when she arrives, instead of her brother there to meet her it is the Dark Sisters. Tessa becomes a prisoner to the Dark Sisters as they try to train her for her new husband the Magister. Just when Tessa is about to be shipped off to the Magister as her training ends Will comes along and saves her!

Will is arrogant and rude, but Tessa sees something else. And she is able to push past his armor to see past the arrogance and rudeness to what he is hiding inside. Will is a complex character. But Tessa doesn't just fall for Will she also likes Jem. Jem is frail and is held back by his illness. But, he is intelligent, soft spoken and kind.

Just like the Mortal Instrument series, this book catches you off guard and throws a twist in there that you were not expecting. Although if you read carefully the clues are there, I just never put the pieces together fast enough before the characters in the novel figures it out. But I like twists in the books I read.

The author ties in as much real history from London of era as she can. Which really brings the book together. Not only that, but the poetry at the beginning of each chapter is also from that era and they also tie into the book beautifully.

One thing though, I really don't understand is the Clockwork Angel. It wasn't really described well. It kind of just does its part in the book and that is all. Why does it do it? And, Tessa never really questions it which leaves me questioning it.

There are a tons of things that are left open for the next book. I wish I had that book on hand right now so I could just jump into it!

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