Friday, September 3, 2010


It was hard for me at first to grasp what I was reading. At first a lot didn't make sense. But as I continued to read, pieces started coming together and I started to really get into the story.

Finn lives in a dark, horrible place...a prison. And, for as long as he can remember, which is the last three years, he has always lived there. But he has dreams of the outside. He doesn't believe he was always in this prison but everyone tells him there is no way to escape and he must be part of the Incarceron.

The Incarceron is a vast, dark prison. With no stars, just red unblinking lights that watch everything. Many have tried to leave the Incarceron, and most have failed except for Sapphique. Sapphique is the only one that was known to escape, and many want to follow in his footsteps to get away from the prison. The prison is a ever changing intelligence and doesn't want any of its children to escape.

Finn, Keiro, Attia and Gildas try to escape the prison like many have. But they have something others didn't. For one, they have Finn the starseer, the one with the visions of the outside believed to be given to him by Sapphique. And, they have the key.

Outside of the Incarceron, is Claudia. Claudia is also trying to escape. She is about to get married to someone she loathes. Claudia wants to find the Incarceron and in a way escape into because she believes it is a paradise. But, she soon finds out that the Incarceron is far from a paradise when she finds the key. The key helps her communicate with the other key in the Incarceron, the key Finn has. With this key, Claudia find out many secrets she had never known and it drastically changes her life.

This was a great fast pace book. I like how imaginative it was with the living prison the Incarceron. The place Claudia lives seems to be the past but is actually the future generated by a computer to look like the past. Claudia lives in a realm that was forced to live the life of the Victorian age.

Really great book, and can't wait to read the next in the series.

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