Saturday, October 2, 2010

prophecy of the sisters

The book starts with a death and ends with a death. Alice, Lia and Henry attend their fathers funeral. After the funeral Lia notices a circle marked into her wrist and as the days go by the mark gets darker and darker. Lia learns that two other girls, Sonia and Luisa from town have the same mark as her but it isn't a coincidence that they are all there in the small town. As Lia unravels the truth behind the mark she also learns not to trust her sister.

I like this book it was a little dull at the beginning but it picked up at the end. It was very easy to see through the storyline and figure out what was going to happen. Like who is the guardian and who is the gate or what the keys were. That kind of bothered me because I like to be in suspense. This book didn't do it for me because I was able to guess earlier on.

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