Monday, October 18, 2010


Behemoth starts about two days later still on the Leviathan heading for Istanbul. But, on the way there they encounter two German ships that have a Tesla cannon and are ready for the Leviathan! The Leviathan gets an unexpected jolt and everything seems to go down hill from there for Deryn and Alek. The war continues on with more countries entering and Alek finds himself among the enemy on the Leviathan with the British on the other side of the war and Alek must find a way to escape but nothing goes to plan!

Great book, but I don't think it should have been called Behemoth. Since the Behemoth only makes a small appearance in the book. I think it should have been called Bovril! But, maybe the Behemoth will be more prominent in the next book.

This book does answer some questions from the previous book, but not thoroughly. The question of what is in the egg is semi-answered in my opinion. You find out what is in it but not exactly what it is capable of. Also, there is Deryn situation, and whether or not to tell Alek she is a she. That is an ongoing problem for Deryn and it gets a little more complicated for her as well. I love the things Deryn says, she calls herself a "daft lassie mooning at a village dance" when she relates to her problem. She is quite funny.

There are some new characters that pop up in the book. They are not on the Leviathan for that long so they have some on ground friends as the book progresses. But, still all the old favorites are still there.

And of course, the book ends with you wanting more.

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