Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Magic Study

Magic Study is the sequel to Poison Study. At the end of Poison Study, Yelena finds out her parents are still alive and that she is part of the Zaltana Clan in the country of Sitia. To learn more about her magic abilities and to get to know her family she must travel to the country of Sitia. Also, she has been exiled from Ixia because of her magic abilities so she must leave her friends and Valek.

Being Yelena, soon after she arrives in Sitia she makes enemies. Her older brother Leif loathes her, believing she is a spy for Ixia and not his real sister. On the way to the Citadel she makes enemies with Goel a guard for Cahil who is the last of the Blood line for the King of Ixia. But, Yelena also makes friends, Dax a student at the Keep where Yelena learns about her magic. And Fisk the little beggar boy who helps her around the market place.

Poison Study has a lot of action, Yelena must fight for her life a couple times. And, as like Poison Study, Valek does come to her rescue a couple times as well. She also learns about her magic which is interesting. She has the ability to heal, listen to peoples thoughts and talk to horses but she can't move objects with her mind.

It is a great book, but I enjoyed Poison Study much more. One of the things I really liked in Poison Study is Valek. I enjoy his personality, but in Magic Study Valek seems different, softer I suppose. Maybe he has been soften by his love for Yelena. Valek wasn't in Poison Study as much as he was in Magic Study, but I feel like that character lost a lot in the sequel. Ari and Janco on the other hand are as funny and sarcastic as they were in Poison study. I really enjoy Ari and Janco. Also, the new faces in this book are very entertaining as well, such as Fisk, Dax, Leif and Cahil. I didn't get quite a grasp on the Cahil character and I hope to learn more about him in Fire Study.

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