Friday, July 30, 2010

The Dead Tossed Waves

I was hoping the book would start up where it left off with Mary finding out about the ones she left behind in the forest. Because, that is usually how a sequel goes, but not this one. Instead this book skips to the next generation that have to deal with the Mudo (or Unconsecrated from the first book). The book centers around Gabry, Marys daughter. Who doesn't know very much about her mothers past.

Close to the end, it does give us a glimpse of what happened to Harry, Cass and Jacob so it ties up that loose end. But, it gets me wandering about Jed did he escape? Never goes back to him. And, it kind of tells the beginning of the Return but not enough information for me.

Gabry didn't grow up like Mary. The Mudo was not part of her everyday life. She was shelter from them. They didn't moan at the fences like in Mary's childhood. The mudo was buffered away from them with the forest and ocean blocking the mudo from there village. Of course, Gabry saw mudo, the ones that washed ashore that were bloated and slow, which her mom would behead right way and they were no threat. They were no threat, until the night Gabry sneaks over the barrier with her friends and she encounters her very first breaker mudo.

Gabry escapes the mudo, but two of her friends didn't and Catcher, her crush, was infected. Gabry was the only one able to run home as the rest of her friends were captured by the militiaman and punished for breaking the law by going past the barrier to the unprotected area.

Gabry tries to make things right. But things keep spiraling in the wrong direction. At one point Gabry must find refugee in the same forest her mother is from. And, by doing so Gabry also finds out she has more in the common with the forest than she knew.

During the novel, you going get bits and pieces of the first novel. Basically, it is a whole new story but in the same environment. It is great, because we the reader, know more than the Gabry who is telling the story trying to piece everything together. The book doesn't over summarize anything but actually put things in a new light with Gabry. I really enjoyed the book, it was one thing after another with Gabry, just like her mother in the first novel. And, I can't wait for the next!

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