Monday, August 3, 2009

A Great and Terrible Beauty - Trilogy

I began reading A Great and Terrible Beauty during my camping trip this June. For some reason, I am really into Young Adult books right now. And, this trilogy was the next on my list to read.

The book is about a girl name Gemma who lives in India with her parents. She desperately wants to go to London. Soon after, she recieves a very vivid dream of her mother dying, in which comes true also bringing her dream to go to London alive as well.

Gemma arrives in London and is sent to an all girl school called Spence. She is supposed to learn how to become a good wife but end up finding out about the magic she holds.

The book is unlike any other book I have read. Gemma has this powers that gives her visions and she has the ability to open a portal to another realm. With her and her friends Ann, pippa and Felicity she explores the realms and her magic and soon finds an arch rival Circe.

Rebel Angels during Christmas. Gemma learns more about her magic. And in a way I enjoyed Rebel Angels better than the first book. There was more adventure. In this one she has already defeated Circe (so she thinks) and is trying to bind the magic to the realms. All the magic is in her. She has hardships with her friend pippa who the previous book ate the berries in the realms and was stuck in the realms forever. She also has her feelings for Kartik.

In the end, I believe a The Sweet Far Thing might have been my favorite. With the battle scenes, Pippa and her followers and her relationship with Katrik evolving. It was an all around good book :)

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