Monday, April 2, 2012

The Selection by Kiera Cass

The Selection is a good fun read, very predictable and really no suspense but the storyline was an easy read.

The Selection is set in the future in a dystopian age, but it feels a lot like medieval times with Queen, Kings, a castle and even rebels. But, then I would be brought back to the present, with talk of tvs, phones and cameras and then I remember oh yes this is based in the future!

Maxon, the prince of Illea, is looking for a women to marry between the ages of 16 & 20. All girls eligible can enter into the selection where 35 girls are picked, one from each province to become the new princess. These 35 girls will come and live in the palace in a sort of reality show where Maxon will pick one of them to become Princess while the rest get sent home. It is much like a reality show with cameras everywhere. There are tv broadcasts about each girl, there arrivals to the palace, and there makeovers.

America Singer is one of the chosen. But she didn't want to enter. Already loving the life she has and having a boyfriend already it didn't appeal to her. But after her boyfriend asked her to participate and her mother bribed her, she hesitantly went along with it.

At the end it seems to wrap up so quickly after it dragged at the beginning. And, I didn't really like the ending it kind of just wrapped everything up quickly and hastily and then says End of Book One to show another one is coming. It didn't feel like much effort was put into the book. But, the rest of the book, I did really enjoy even thought it was predictable.

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