Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Re read of The Gathering

Just finished reading The Gathering to get ready for the next book in the series The Calling. Here is my review from last year:

I just finished the book, and I feel like I am missing something. There didn't seem to be any climax or that the book was going anywhere. There are things that are barely touched on, almost not enough to want to read the next book. This book almost felt like an prologue for the next book, nothing big happens, nothing is solved just bit and pieces of information and storylines.

The book is about a girl named Maya, who best friend dies at the beginning of the book. You would think that adding that to the beginning of the book that it would have some reference as the book goes on. But it doesn't, yeah the main character reminisces about the death of her best friend but it gives no substance to the book. There is hint to the mystery of how she dies but it is followed through thoroughly. Also, the book is about Maya is feeling like something different is happening to her, like she is getting animal instincts, but again this is barely touched on.

One thing I do like about the book is the characters. I really like the Maya character, she is a fresh new character that hasn't been used over and over in other books. I like her personality. I also, like her best friend Daniel, who also has something going on with him but again barely touched on.

This book is a sister book to the series the Darkest Powers and there are a couple references to characters who are in that series so you might want to read that series before this series. It isn't anything major but some character overlap.

I really hope this series fills out more and give more in the next book because I feel like I was given nothing in this book. This feels like it could be the potential for a good series, it just didn't start out that well. The book did have my attention the entire time, it was an easy read but I always kept waiting for a climax or something to happen and it never did.

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