Saturday, November 7, 2009

Feddie Girl

So, like this book was like so totally lame. Annoying right? That is how the main characters inner thoughts were throughout the entire book. While reading Feddie Girl, I didn't know if I was reading a Adult Romance novel or a Young Adult book. There were two stories going on and neither of them worked together.

The back of the Feddie Girl states "Nona David takes carlotta's story a step further when her adventures lead to unfortunate incidents that threaten to drive her American family into the clucthes of infidelity and organized crime....uh, no what was going on with Carlotta in her Nigerian boarding school had nothing to do with the infidelity and organized crime.

Going into the organized crime it was just placed in front of us with no rhyme or reason. It was just the father had a birth right into. No back story no reason why, no explanation of what his birth right was just that it was. The father annoyed me and so did the mother I could of done without any of that, it had no part in Carlotta story it was just unnessary drama that the author added probably to add some spark to the novel, but without piecing in the parts correctly.

Carlotta seems like a good girl expect for the part that lands her into a Nigerian boarding school. Lets gets this straight, she listens to Hannah montana, High school music and watches Harry Potter at the same time as she is beating up 6 year olds and smoking? Doesn't really look like it goes together. Then she is doing plays for school and skits for the girls and being all nice and friendly.

I also had a hard time with the Nigerian girls dialogue. Most of it didn't make sense. And what was it with all the "Oh!" in places that didn't sound right? If you are going to put in words that are Nigerian at least put in a glossary. Talking about dialogue, anytime Carlotta had an inner thought it was never without totally. Totally totally totally? Have any new words? Like totally no.

And, the end...Carlotta just happens to buy a ticket all on her own at 13, imagine that!

If it was just Carlotta story, and she didn't say totally so many times I think I would have enjoyed it more. But, there was too many things going on that didn't connect, didn't make sense or just shouldn't have been there. It was hard to really enjoy this book.

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