Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton

I have read all of Kate Morton's books and have loved them all and this one is no exception. The book Secret Keeper has a secret and it keeps you guessing to what it is until the very end. This is one of those books that once you finish it and learn its secrets you have to reread it to catch every thing you missed the first time when didn't know what was going on! It is so good!

The first chapter reels you in with Laurel watching her mother stab and kill a strange man from their doorstep when she was young. Then it keeps you guessing as to what happened. Why did Dorothy kill the man? Who was the man? What happened in Dorothy's past to make her kill him? Over and over questions go around in your head and then right when you think you know what is happening another twist and it leaves you asking more questions!

The books goes from Laurels childhood, to the present where Laurel is an adult and her mother Dorothy is on the brink of death by old age. It also takes you to Dorothy past when she was a teenager to really give you everything you need to know as to why Dorothy killed that man when Laurel was a child. I think the past, Dorothy time during WWII was my favorite part. The characters are much more appealing. Jimmy, Vivien, Dorothy and even the old lady Dorothy was living with.

A great quote in the book at the beginning that starts the whole thing is:
"After 50 years all it took was the return of an old photograph and the utterance of a woman's name for the fabric of Laurel's fiction to to begin unraveling"

I recommend it, very great read :)

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