Friday, May 4, 2012

A million suns by Beth Revis

In the first book, everything was controlled with Phydus. With Phydus out of the picture, the entire ship has gone into chaos. People are able to have feelings again, to make their own decisions, and that is causing a lot of problems on board the Godspeed.

Lots is happening in this book. One of Elders childhood friends is trying to start a rebellion, Elder learns more about the ship, Amy learns more about the secrets of the ship as well by following Orion's clues that he left for her as a contingency plan in case something happened to him, and someone is murdering the people of Godspeed and blaming Elder for it.

There is a great plot, tons are happening, lots is told about the ship in this book. Amy and Elder relationship blossoms even though Amy found out it was Elder who unfroze her instead of Orion. There is a little more romance, in this book, and a lot more suspense. All and all just a great page turner.

At the end of the book, it leaves you in spot where you are hanging but you feel okay with it. I want to know what happens next, but I think it is a great spot to leave you hanging before the next book comes out. I can't wait to see what they encounter next in this series!

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