Monday, September 21, 2009

Cleopatra's Daughter

Michelle Moran, the author, did a wonderful job portraying the life of Selene and Alexandra. I could not even put the book down it was that good! At the end of the book Michelle Moran states that she tried to portray the all real events that happened during that time. Of course, you cannot exactly know what happened during the life of Selene but this book was excellent! After reading the life of Selene it has fascinated me to learn more about this era.

Michelle Moran's first book about Nefertiti made me want to go to Egypt and this one makes me want to see Rome!

You really get a feel for the characters and are hoping right along with Selene that things go her way. I really enjoyed the ending and seeing who the Red Eagle really was. I also enjoyed learning the words that they used in Rome and the festivities that they did.

I can't wait to read Michelle Moran next book! Hope it comes out soon :)

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