Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Raven Boys

What a great book! Obviously there is going to be more after this book because so much is left hanging. I don't think I have ever finished a book that had so much left hanging as much as this book does. I mean the last sentence itself makes an explosion of even more questions that were not even there before. Really not much is answered, it only scratches the surface of what is going on and I can tell the next books in the series is going to be really good. This book has such an airy, mystical quality to it, it keeps you wanting to know more and more. The story moves smoothly and the story untwists itself as you continue to read and understand exactly what is going on.

The book starts off with Blue. Blue is surrounded by family who can see the dead, but she cannot. Only her presents amplifies the seers ability to see. Ever since Blue was six she had been told if she was to kiss her true love, he would die. But by 16, Blue had decided she would never fall in love so it didn't matter. Then, that year on St. Marks Day, the day the spirits of those who would die in the next 12 months show themselves, Blue saw her first spirit of a boy her age. And there is only two reason a non seer would see a spirit on St. Marks Eve, either you're his true love or you killed him. Doesn't that just peek your interest? I have never read a book like this before with ideas like this and that is only the first chapter. So much more happens, there are ley lines, and magical woods, psychics, murder mystery, glendower, I could keep going.

The character development is great. Even characters that are barely in the book like Roger Malory has so much character development that I can imagine him instantly. Every character is so different. I hate characters in books that all feel the same, but each character in this book is very distinct and very much themselves.

I don't want to go to much in the book to give anything away. But if you liked Maggie Stiefvater other books you will like this one. I really liked The Scorpio Races, and this one has the same kind of feel to it as that one.

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