Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Serpent's Kiss

The Witches of East End series is based of Norse Mythology. I always do enjoy novels that intertwine history or mythology into the storyline, but this one was a bit weak. By trying to keep to the Norse Mythology, it kind of weakens the storyline. I don't want to give much away but things get resolved too quickly or something will just happen or come about right when the witches need it. Some plot points in the novel don't makes sense, especially the parts involving Freddie. I don't understand why some things happen or what the reasoning is for it to be in the book itself. There are things like characters all of a sudden remember something at the right time to keep the story going. Or another character popping up out of nowhere with no reasoning.

Freya is as love crazy about Killian as the last book, tons of sexual stuff between the two of them in this book. So if you like that it is there for you. It is kind of annoying how Melissa de la cruz will have a semi serious section in the book and then says something along the lines of: Freya looks at Killians swollen muscles she couldn't believe how hot he was. And then would go back to something serious again...seriously? Then, Ingrid her sister is in a love hate relationship with the cop Matt. Which their relationship really is annoying to me, and doesn't make any sense. Plus Ingrid is dealing with some pixies. Joanna the mother, is still married to her husband Norman but all of a sudden is taken by a fellow that she meets when she picks up Tyler from school. She also is being haunted. The book had the potential of being really good but things kind of go awry at the end.

I thought this series wasn't a young adult series but it definitely reads like one. The characters are not young adults, the youngest being 19. There is a lot of sexual references but Melissa de la cruz does that as well in her young adult books as well. And, it just seems like the book was quickly put together. Some parts of the book counteract each other and the timeline doesn't seem to work. It is a fast read, has some great Norse Mythology parts but other than that it was just an okay book for me. The first book was definitely better, this one just left me scratching my head wandering why she did it in the first place.

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